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Leader in Direct Communication

"Oameni si Companii" agency specialises in direct communication and relationing to premium audience groups. "Oameni si Companii" designs and implements programmes to assist organizations in communicating directly and building stronger relations, on a long term, with special audience groups. The agency was founded in 2000 and now has clients from 5 different countries, representing 17 fields of activity.

The "Oameni si Companii" motto is: "People communicate with people: not with institutions, organisations or companies".

Direct Active Communication

Direct active communication is a concept launched by Cezar Caluschi in 2000 and it is based on a matrix communication model. Among the principles of direct active communication there are communication customization, systematization and the long-term programming of customized communication. The matrix-based active communication system is a registered trade mark.

The basic principles and the practical applications in contemporary marketing are considered in the book "Comunicarea directa, o noua frontiera" (Direct Communication, a New Frontier), published by Cezar Caluschi in 2006 at Polirom Publishing House.

Cezar Caluschi has also published "Relatii Publice Moderne" (Modern Public Relations) and is a co-author in the volumes "Inteligenta Marketing" (Marketing Intelligence) and "Inteligenta Marketing Plus".


"Oameni si Companii" in figures

• 8 years of experience
• 12 consultants
• 2 offices, in Bucharest and Iasi
• 1,500 managers trained every year in training and coaching programmes for direct communication
• Clients from 17 industries
• Clients from 5 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, the United States, Germany, Switzerland.
• 20 communication programmes every year.
• We directly communicate with over 15000 managers
• 5 national communication programmes currently in progress that started over 1 year ago
• 3 awards or honours received for professional activity
• 2 professional organisations that "Oameni si Companii" is part of: RAAA and IAA.
• 12 National Conferences organised every year.


Industries represented by "Oameni si Companii" clients

• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Constructions
• Automotives
• Food Industry
• Real Estate
• Public Services
• IT&C
• Electronics
• Lighting
• Fairs and Exhibitions
• Software
• Heating Devices
• Professional Associations
• Public Administration
• NGOs
• Political Parties
• Education