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OSC Fields of Expertise

"Oameni si Companii" designs and implements local, regional, national and international programmes for direct communication with an organisation’s various audience groups. These can be short-term (several months) or long-term (several years) programmes. In its 8 years of activity, "Oameni si Companii" has gathered vast experience in carrying out communication programmes with audience groups from certain fields in Romania. Here are the fields:

Local and Central Public Administration

"Oameni si Companii" has gained vast experience in communicating with the local or central public administration. Each year, "Oameni si Companii" designs and implements solutions for its clients to help them communicate with the various groups in the public administration system in Romania: programmes for communication with the mayors, with the local councils or the county councils, programmes for communication with the prefectures or with other institutions, with agencies or organisations in the local or central public administration system. Each year "Oameni si Companii" implements solutions communicating dozens of messages towards these audience groups, including thousands of persons.

Public Health Care System

The "Oameni si Companii" offers consulting services to its clients in order to implement communication programmes oriented towards very well defined groups in the public health care system: national institutions and agencies, regulatory bodies, health care directorates, hospitals and clinics in the public health system. Every year, over 1,000 such institutions are targeted by these direct communication programmes that are designed and implemented by "Oameni si Companii" for its clients.

Educational System

The volume of customised messages addressed to certain well defined groups in the national education system, is permanently growing. Every year, "Oameni si Companii" assists a great number of clients in transmitting their message via direct active communication techniques and programmes towards the management of primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, regulatory bodies and agencies in the field of public education, school inspectorates, trend setters and specialists in these fields.

Public services

This is a field that is developing considerably due to the large investment which is permanently made in this field. That is why "Oameni si Companii" has developed special expertise in direct communication with the management and the specialists of water supply companies, waste management companies, public transport companies, and power and heat supply companies. Every year, "Oameni si Companii" transmits dozens of messages to these institutions, in very well defined target groups, on behalf of its clients.

Urban planning

Real estate development in Romania involves amounts which today reach billions of euro every year. In this context, "Oameni si Companii" has developed a sophisticated type of expertise in managing relations with urban planners in Romania. "Oameni si Companii" currently administers for its clients national communication programmes with the head county architects and head municipal architects, with related organisations and the regulatory bodies in the field. Using its own direct communication strategies, "Oameni si Companii" is in permanent communication with these audience groups, promoting the messages and the information suggested by the partners. One of the greatest successes is Urban Concept, a national communication programme in the field that has been developed for the past three years, in partnership with Eurisko. Urban Concept has become one of the most important communication platforms for specialists in the city planning field, for architects in large cities and municipalities, for developers and investors.


Agriculture is a field showing spectacular growth, a field where a large number of organisations have communication interests. "Oameni si Companii" has been developing and implementing for its partners solutions for communicating with the administration and regulatory bodies in agriculture, with specialists, farmers, specialised agencies. The direct communication expertise allows "Oameni si Companii" to communicate continuously with the representatives of these audience groups, in order to promote messages from its partners. An example of such programme in the field is the "Agriculture of the 3rd Millennium" programme which, developed by "Oameni si Companii", has the role to promote, towards all target groups, the specific messages regarding the effects of European accession on agriculture and the related industries.

Parliamentary Committees

The need to communicate with the parliamentary groups in Romania grows steadily. This is due to the fact that a large number of companies, professional organisations or non-governmental organisations wish that the members of Parliament should be precisely aware of their type of activity, have the best knowledge of a certain field or industry, be aware of the problems and potential of that field, know the social and community implications that organisations generate. That is why "Oameni si Companii" assists its partners in terms of professional communication with the various parliamentary committees and departments. One of the channels used in the communication programmes for parliamentary committees in Romania is the national public administration portal www.administratie.ro. Benefiting daily from over 8,500 subscribers to the portal’s information feeds, www.administratie.ro is a high performance, efficient instrument for communicating with specialists and leaders in the local and central public administration, as well as with the members of Parliament and political leaders.


An increasing number of companies are searching for solutions to promote their messages on an international level. This is the reason why "Oameni si Companii" implements annually, for its partners, communication programmes with all diplomatic institutions in Romania. "Oameni si Companii" communicates with these institutions permanently, offering its clients a high potential for direct communication, professionally and efficiently.

Training in direct communication:
Comunicom ® System -
Direct Active Communication

To acquire a long term client, we must focus on convincing them to trust us. Then we must communicate with them permanently in order to nurture and maintain this trust.
In order to reach these objectives, we will use direct customised communication, without neglecting public relations in their traditional form, as well as many other direct communication instruments.
In the past five years, "Oameni si Companii" has developed its own training programme, based on the integrated system of direct active communication – Comunicom®.
Behind this training programme lie hundreds of research hours, as well as many hours of implementation into modern organisational systems. Comunicom® training programme is developed exclusively on organisational and corporate practices.

Direct Active Communication

Direct active communication is a concept launched by Cezar Caluschi in 2000 and it is based on a matrix communication model. Among the principles of direct active communication we mention customising the communication, the long-term systematising and programming of customised communication.
The matrix active communication system is a registered trade mark. The basic principles and the practical applications in contemporary marketing are overviewed in the book "Comunicarea directa, o noua frontiera" (Direct Communication, a New Frontier), published by Cezar Caluschi in 2006 at Polirom Publishing House.
Cezar Caluschi has also published "Relatii Publice Moderne" (Modern Public Relations) and is a co-author in the volumes "Inteligenta Marketing" (Marketing Intelligence) and "Inteligenta Marketing Plus".

"Oameni si Companii" in figures

• 8 years of experience
• 12 consultants
• 2 offices, in Bucharest and Iasi
• 1,500 managers trained every year in training and coaching programmes for direct communication
• Clients from 17 industries
• Clients from 5 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, the United States, Germany, Switzerland.
• 20 communication programmes every year.
• We directly communicate with over 15000 managers
• 5 national communication programmes currently in progress that started over 1 year ago
• 3 awards or honours received for professional activity
• 2 professional organisations that "Oameni si Companii" is part of: RAAA and IAA.
• 12 National Conferences organised every year

Industries represented by "Oameni si Companii" clients

• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Constructions
• Automotives
• Food Industry
• Real Estate
• Public Services
• IT&C
• Electronics
• Lighting
• Fairs and Exhibitions
• Software
• Heating Devices
• Professional Associations
• Public Administration
• NGOs
• Political Parties
• Education